“A closer look at Aambridge Success”
There isn't any second thought that you are an amazing leader and a wonderful human being. I am saying this basis on my experience a few years ago while you were coordinating for one of my overseas interviews. You might not recall me as you come across multiple candidates every given day but I remember you and will always be for empowering me and bringing the best on table. There is one special quality that makes you different from others which is, that you treat your applications and employees like your own family members and go extra miles to prepare them to showcase their full potential. Thanks a lot Megha for being who you are. We really need more people like you.....God bless you.
Jatin Bholanath MattaCognizant Technology, US Corporation
Aambridge is all women empowerment led by an amazing Leader Megha. Just been a few months but immense learning in new verticals and a super positive and encouraging environment makes you a go getter.
Manisha BhojwaniBusiness Consultant
Really what a great staff, proactive at communications at all times and always following up through their promises . Very helpful , highly informative. Never hesitate to recommend . Thank you so much and always grateful
Mostafa Elshahat Critical Care / ICU Specialist
Megha and her team was hired by me in reliance broadcast network at the time of immediate expansion and start up of television channels and they have worked like internal HR managers to help us recruit the correct talent from and outside industry in the shortest possible time. for the first time i was able to interact with a recruitment consultant who was shortlisting not only as per JD provided but as per competencies as well required for the job which was a great facility for any HR manager. I wish Megha best of luck for the future.
Tapan PanditDeputy General Manager Human Resources at RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group
Megha has a very dynamic approach towards analysis a problem. She is very aggressive at work and always there to help her own team. I would surely like to work with her in future. All the best Megha for upcoming assignments in future.
Nirankar Trivedi Transformation & Strategy Lead at Bank of America
Megha is highly qualified, extremely professional agent she is also distinguished by her strong cooperation and concern for the interests of her customers
Arafa IbrahimInternal Medicine Specialist at Egypt Air hospital
Megha is a thorough professional. She has proved herself as a successful human resource manager. Her people management has been one of her strengths during her tenure as HR manager with SPICE. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.
Rohan Ji BasotraHead of Learning & Development at Jaquar Group
Meghha is a fantastic and inspiring person to work with. The best thing I would recommend her to everybody is not just becuause she is a good person but an Institution in herslef. She makes sure that everyday is a new learning session despite of all odds!!! Cheers!!
Sanjay ThapliyalGM HR at LG Hausys
During her tenure in Spice BPO, Megha Rathi was involved in ER activities. She contributed as a team member in organizing various employee engagement activities and fun activities. A person with positive attitude and smiling face …she was always ready to help and encourage employees. I wish her all the very best for her future…
Hasa Nand (Prakash) Nanani Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at S i2i Limited
Great Overall personality & right person for the work she is handling. With Meghna you could associate High Level of Integrity with the work she caters too. A great assett to the any work she undertakes. All the Best!
Jatin GulatiSales & Business Acquisition in Educational Domain
Strong foundation, agile growth strategies, hands-on approach, these are few of the things that make Aambridge stand out in the Recruitment fields. I enjoys the challenging fast-paced environment at Aambridge. It is what sets AGS apart from the rest , and makes it the ideal place to excel in the Staffing & Recruitments. It has been an incredible growth of the company ever since its incepted in 2009, Aambridge has come a long way in being an indispensable part of its client’s growth strategies , ensuring we give them the best hires. Apart from the YOY growth in terms of Volumes & Clients, another feature which distinct Aambridge from its contemporaries is its Vision of making WOMAN financially independent from all walks of lives. I am proud to be a part of the ONLY - ALL - WOMAN- RECRUITMENT ORGANISATION!!
Shalini Rathi Executive Consultant at Aambridge Global Solutions
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