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Empowering women in achieving maximum potential at work with a healthy work-life-balance

Opportunity to join the electrifying ‘women-squad’ & forge a transformation

Balance, a term that associates with almost everything that we do knowingly or unknowingly.

The post-COVID era is replete with challenges, especially for women—whether professionals or homemakers. Juggling between indoor and outdoor responsibilities, floundering with long working hours, and battling stress are proving detrimental to their well-being. These dual responsibilities can lead to burnout and lower work productivity, hence impacting overall performance.

Aambridge Global Solutions, a young and dynamic HR organization, run by an “All-women Team”, incubates a work environment that reinstates balancing factors such as telecommuting, flexitime, hybrid-pay model, & psychological assistance workshops. This is aimed especially at working mothers, who choose to stay in step with their career goals and endeavors.


Our Vision on “Work-Life Balance”

Since its inception in 2009, Aambridge has exponentially gained a reputation for creating opportunities for women, particularly homemakers to restart the career and comfortably take up full-time job by producing environments that support work-life balance.

We offer work-from-home options, and entrepreneurial opportunities to make women financially independent and back in a professional setup despite personal limitations, and with a sole vision of “Empowering women in achieving maximum potential at work with a healthy work-life-balance“.

Join & Experience Aambridge “Women-Squad” , and in turn make positive contributions to the community.